Saturday, November 14, 2015

Wall Hanging or Table Topper?

The age-old question for quilters -- is it a wall hanging or a table topper?

That's an exaggeration. Quilters really don't care how it's used, and in some instances it can function in an either/or capacity. So really, we aren't obsessing about it at all.

 I turned all my churn dash blocks into this little creation - a table topper. I didn't have much fabric to begin with; I limited how many blocks I made so that I would have options for settings and borders. I may just go ahead with a few more blocks and add onto this. Then it really does become a wall-hanging, probably.

To make the HSTs, I used - for the first time ever - Thangles. Those are pre-printed papers that have markings for sewing and cutting. I'd bought a bunch of them in a variety of sizes several years ago. I pulled out the 2" package, and went to work. In very short order, I had all the triangle units made, and not a bit of stretching or distortion. The paper foundations kept those bias seams in line. I like using Thangles, and already have ideas for some future projects.

It's Saturday! This is the first Saturday I've had free in a couple of weeks. Last Saturday was the bazaar and before that was the Spark! class. I am going to enjoy this day by watching some OSU Buckeye football, quilting at the frame, and making an apple pie. Good activities for a fall day in Ohio. Go Bucks!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Love the way this turned out. I have several packages of thangles different sizes that I purchased when they first came out. One of those impulse buys, now I have forgotten how to use them lol maybe a small tutorial is in order???? love your blog! Mary


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