Monday, November 9, 2015

Taking a Breather

I hadn't realized how consumed I'd become with that craft show last Saturday. Too many other things had been let go, and today I think I need to take a deep breath and deal with them. I just loaded the dishwasher with all the dirty dishes that had piled up in the sink. After I finish this blog, I will deal with folding the last load of laundry (still in dryer), kitty litter, and putting away all the debris from the craft show - piles of quilts and other items, fabric, signs, miscellaneous.

Then I am going to finish the t-shirt quilt top I've had on the guest bed for about a week. It needs the rows sewn together and the border attached. I'd love to take it to Terry's tomorrow to leave for quilting.

Since I have no new sewing to share, I will treat you to a quilt show by three of the Frankfort girls. These were shared on Friday morning at Sheryll's house when we got together for stitching. Above, is Jan's positive-negative quilt. Isn't it wonderful?? She gave me these details: she used 10 light fat quarters and 10 dark fat quarters to make the blocks. There are 3 of each combination. Wouldn't it be a fun - and fast - quilt to make? I am very, very tempted to add this to my list of "someday quilts."

The basket quilt above is a Terry creation. She used the pattern Lunch Box Social from Kim Diehl's book Simple Appeal. Gosh, I have just fallen in love with this quilt. Sheryll brought down all her KD books - she has most of them - and we all made wishlists. This definitely is one I want to make.

This quilt top is another one that Terry recently finished. Their guild had a 3- or 4-day retreat not long ago, so they all have much accomplished. This is another Kim Diehl pattern, and I think it is also from the same book, Simple Appeal. Impressive - both the quilt and the fact that Terry could stitch this in such short order!

For several months, I have been showing you pictures of work that Sheryll has been doing on her work shirt quilts. Her brother-in-law recently passed away, and her sister asked Sheryll to make quilts of his shirts for their children and herself. All in all, 7 quilts were to be made. What diligence on Sheryll's part! I show you the one above, as all 7 are the same pattern. And I am so proud to report that Sheryll has finished all 7 quilts.What an accomplishment! Buttonhole-stitch applique on the borders - I wouldn't even consider it!

Below is a closeup of the appliqued border. Exquisite work. Sheryll is a master! She purchased the gray flannel for the border and the beige flannel for the background. All the rest is made from the shirts.

Another quilt top Sheryll shared with us is this orange peel quilt. She used the pre-printed fusible interfacing that is out now. Her use of the reproduction fabrics on an off-white background makes for an absolutely stunning quilt. I seriously have never given a fleeting thought of making one of these for myself, but this one is so scrumptious, I think I could be talked into it.

Also from Sheryll - I told you they'd been busy at their retreat! - a basket quilt from who else but Kim Diehl. We are all rather enamored with her work lately, aren't we? This is a wall hanging, and will be a great addition to Sheryll's Christmas decorating. The outer border and inner background are very muted tones, and the red inner border and baskets really pop, don't they?

Last but not least, this BOM Challenge that Sheryll finished. Their guild has fun activities like this that members can opt to participate in. The blocks are all by Thimbleberries, and one block was assigned for each month. At each meeting, those participating would show their most recent block. I think that would be a really good way to stay motivated. This would have been fun to get in on.

And that concluded our Monday morning quilt show. Hope you are motivated to get going on some fantastic creations of your own!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Love that fat striped sashing, really different. What a great bunch of quilts, thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the split star quilt! Can you tell me where I can find the pattern? Thanks.

  3. Sarah, you come up as "no reply," so I will provide your info here. The pattern is called Coffee and Cream from a book titled Snuggle Up by Beth Merrill Kovich and Retta Warehime.

  4. All the quilts in this post are wonderful. I especially like how Terry used the stripes in her quilt. I hesitate to use stripes, maybe because I don't have lots of yardage of any, but this quilt gives me inspiration to think about it a little more. Thanks for posting about these great quilts, Jayne.


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