Monday, February 22, 2016

Border Decisions

The center portion of Goldenrod Patch is together. And I love it. I have often admired quilts with low volume contrast, and this one qualifies, I believe. It has been interesting to observe the way the "look" works now that it is contained within those setting side triangles.

The next step was to dive into the stash to find a fabric for use as an outer border. I plowed through several tubs and auditioned several candidates.  This Windham fabric shown below is the winner.

This picture is a closer view alongside the other fabrics. I have plenty of yardage, and could possibly do a pieced back with all the remaining fabric. I will have to think on that awhile. I don't have plans to get this quilted in the immediate future, so I will consider backing more seriously later.

I have given some thought to something else, though. I think I will make corner blocks for the border. Instead of a dark center, though, I would use the gold fabric, and then use the dark where the gold has been used in all these blocks.

Since it would be part of the lighter Windham border, the dark portions of the block would not be lost, and it would give a bit of interest - or perhaps, a bit of the unexpected - to an otherwise "quiet" quilt.

It will be fun, too, to see this block in the alternate color placement.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


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