Thursday, February 18, 2016

What A Week

It's only Thursday, but it feels like I've been busy enough to fill the entire week. Weather did interfere with our Tuesday sewing plans - about 5 inches of very wet, heavy snow stopped up just about everything. Both our internet and satellite TV went out because before the snow we had rain, and of course there was that period of freezing. So, weather was a mess.

But it's pretty, too. Take a look at a few pictures I took of our winter wonderland.

Even if Terry's sewing day had been cancelled, I figured I could still get my sewing done. And with both the internet and television out of commission, the distractions were significantly reduced. I did mostly finish the remaining blocks for Goldenrod Patch, and I am now ready to cut the alternate blocks.

I have no new pictures of these blocks, so I will just rerun the previous one.

That pretty much sums up the sewing part of my week. The rest is what makes it feel full. Teaching these two classes is turning out to take a lot more time than I remember. I haven't taught since last spring semester, so maybe I just forgot how time consuming it it. This is taking some adjusting. Essays seem to be coming from far more than 36 students!

Next, my mom is having her gall bladder out today. Surgery is probably going on while I type, and I will be headed over to Hillsboro in just a little while. Should be a straightforward laparoscopic surgery, and my sisters are with her for this morning time.

Additionally, DH and I are in the process of helping our youngest get her first car. We are parents who haven't necessarily subscribed to the buy-your-kid-a-car philosophy that is common today. DD2 has had access to our cars, but has not has one of her own. This arrangement is about to end. One of my sisters has a brand spanking new car and is selling her old car to Emma. Today we get the car, change the title and registration, and all of that.

So the hectic nature of life goes, right? We deal with whatever comes our way.

Back to weather for a moment. We here in Ohio have some things we say about our weather, like "If you don't like the weather today, stick around for awhile, it will change soon." Well, temperatures on Valentine's Day, last Sunday, were just over zero degrees Fahrenheit. This coming Sunday, the forecast says temperatures will be near 60. Yeah, that's definitely a change.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Well it looks very pretty, and anything that makes it a stay-at-home-and-sew day has to be good.

  2. Hope your Mum is making a good recovery. Our weather is topsy turvy here in the south of the UK. No snow but thick frost yesterday and cold wind followed by damp very mild weekend - 57F. Means I won't have to wrap up to walk to the fabric shop later ☺

  3. Your photos of the snow are so beautiful! I remember thinking life would be so easy when I retired. Not! It's still busy and hectic. Hope your mom bounces back from her surgery and that all went well!


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