Friday, February 12, 2016

Quick UFO

Keeping UFOs around my workspace, cluttering things, moving from here to there and back and so on...this is my MO. So yesterday I went to the sewing room with the intention of clearing off and finishing one UFO.

I am happy to report that I accomplished that goal. And, just as I knew it would be, the finish was totally easy and fast. There simply is no explanation why I didn't get right on it from the get-go.

Back in November, after I'd finished the Mondo bag, I was left with half a jelly roll of a Moda fabric called Neptune. Since Sharon was here and was working on a 'race quilt,' I decided to just go ahead and do that with the remaining jelly roll. You can click here to read the post I did about it.

So, on the back of my sewing table I have had this long, skinny borderless quilt top folded there since mid-November. Beside it I'd place the charm pack of Neptune fabrics that I intended to use for the border. Yesterday, I completed that ridiculously easy UFO.

I only added borders to the sides. Because I wanted to correct the narrowness of this quilt top, adding 9.5 inches (4.75 on each side), makes it more regularly shaped. It will work nicely as a lap quilt.

Feels good to have a finish on this. Easy as it was, I just shake my head at my lack of initiative in finishing it. Gracious.

While working on that, I gave serious thought to what I will work on next and I have a plan.


Something new!! I am going forward with one of those Thimbleberries quilts I showed you a few posts back - Goldenrod Patch. Pictures of  that forthcoming.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I'm glad you got the quilt top finished. It looks great. I find moving a UFO along towards a finish gives me motivation to work on other projects too.


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