Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

Have you sent Valentine's Day greetings to anyone today? My DH will be getting a card, and so will all our kiddos. That's about the extent of it for us - low-key works best around here. I do have a bowl of cherry-flavored M&Ms out - found them at the grocery and thought they'd be something different.

I was absent from blogging yesterday, but I was quite busy up in the sewing room, working away on Goldenrod Patch. Refer back to this post to see the pattern and the potential fabric I was considering.

As it turns out, I went with a completely different group of fabrics. The decision to switch out fabrics was purely one of need - the quilt is a big one, and I didn't have enough of those original fabrics to make the quilt, and I did with these. Well, I will have enough because I am making the quilt one row shorter and one row narrower. The original pattern calls for the blocks to be made with 5 different gold fabrics. I want mine to be more controlled - just one gold, please - and so I adapted accordingly.

I cut out all my 2.5-inch squares, and just as I was beginning to cut for the HST blocks, I remembered that I had more Thangles, those triangle papers I used for the Frienzies' wreaths at Christmas time. I found the "finishes at 2 inches package," determined that I had enough, and went to work at HST creation.

After setting the iPad to Netflix - Midsommer Murders is the series of choice - the chain piecing began.

I don't have all 72 blocks sewn together yet, but I would say I am over halfway there. It makes me happy to see this lovely, muted block, and I just know this quilt is going to be a favorite.

I will attempt to finish these blocks today, and then I will be ready to set the quilt together. This neutral will be the setting blocks, so it should go together fast. And they are set on point - I like that look.

Hope you have a huggy-lovey Valentine's Day!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Lovely colours! I am making some very similar scrappy blocks with shades of gold and light blue ☺ Looking forward to seeing your completed quilt top, hope it goes together well.


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