Monday, February 1, 2016

Fire Up the Assembly Line

Welcome to February! January just flew by, and I ought to have more to show for myself, but I am afraid I was not as productive as I ought to have been.

Yesterday afternoon and evening, however, I was productive. I fired up my tiny stars assembly line. It has been awhile since I last made any, and I was still sitting at 19 finished of 32 needed. I forced myself to cut out all the remaining stars and set them up beside the sewing machine. It was quite an efficient system.

The part that takes the longest, after cutting each star out, that is, is constructing those flying geese units. Every star has 8 1-inch squares that will become the star points. And each of those little squares needs to have a diagonal line drawn on the back. Once that step is completed, though, the pace picks up rather nicely.

Each star gets laid out the way it will look, and I stitch this together like I would any 9-patch block.

It was Downton Abbey night, so I did not get them all completed. Each of the remaining 13 stars is to this point pictured below. I will need to press each segment and stitch the remaining two seams. Then I get crazy with the spray starch and stiffen those itty-bitty stars into submission.

I will have all 32 stars to show you in tomorrow's post, I hope.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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