Thursday, February 11, 2016

Frankfort Girls Round Up

I began showing you the projects we worked on last Friday at Sheryll's when we Frankfort Girls met. The last post of Sheryll's beautiful little pinwheel quilt made from bonus triangles is a real show-stopper. Let me now finish sharing our Friday show-and-tell.

Terry has begun her Easter Bunny applique using a light background. You have seen Sheryll's here before with her black background. It is fun to see the diversity.

Sheryll wanted to be sure we all saw that she finally finished that very involved fall/pumpkin table topper. I've shown it in various stages of completion here already, but now she has a finish. I know how thrilled she must be! The sun was glaring in at the window just off to the right, so my pic is not as crisp as it ought to be.

And, on Sheryll's chair, this pretty log cabin was draped. I can't recall what (if anything) was said about this, but you need to see it nonetheless, right?

Jan is our grandma-in-waiting, and is absolutely churning out baby-related projects like mad. She accomplishes a lot without having a grandbaby on the way - this increased output is remarkable! She has created a set of farm-inspired wall hangings for the baby's room. Farming is one of the central businesses in the family; these will inspire the new baby to follow in the family's footsteps.

I had some hand quilting to work on; I can't quite say what Sharon O. worked on. Once again, I am an unreliable reporter. We will all (possibly) be together again on the 16th for a day of sewing at Terry's. I will try to do better.

I find I am still spinning my wheels about what to work on next. I have several recent UFOs that could take my attention and help clear out some of the clutter around my sewing machine. Or I could cut out some brand spanking new things that have been simmering on the back burner. Which ever way I go, I hope I can get lots accomplished, and have some progress to share with you tomorrow!
Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Such terrific projects - they're delightful!

  2. wonderful quilting going on I tell ya. love your posts of the Frankfort girls. inspiring for sure.


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