Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Sneak Preview

One of the projects I want to complete this month is the quilt using precuts from American Jane - Lorraine and Savonnerie.

Before I left for Myrtle Beach - did I tell you I am on vacation? - I waved to you yesterday as we headed south. I'm with 4 girlfriends for a week of surf, sun and fun. I've scheduled regular posts to appear in my absence.

Back to my sneak peak. I couldn't resist those fabrics any longer, so I cut into them, and stitched a few blocks together.

I'm  planning the most basic quilt with these precuts, and I will have zero waste. I like zero waste. The first step is to cut two 5" strips from each jelly roll fabric. These 5" strips will be randomly matched with a charm square like the photo above shows.

Also from each jelly roll fabric I will cut strips for the other side of the charm squares, as shown above.

These went together oh-so-fast, and I just couldn't stop. Here is a pic of all 4 blocks.

I will be so eager to get back to this when the vacation ends. Maybe it will make leaving paradise a little easier to swallow. Maybe?

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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