Saturday, June 11, 2016

Yes, I Did

Sew at the beach, that is. Although, to be absolutely truthful, I sewed in the car coming home from the beach. It was just too hard to make myself stitch while enjoying the sand and sun.

Here is what I accomplished - a whopping 19 hexagons sewn together in two different projects.

I did a random bit of mixing and matching in the first project. It is practically a carbon copy of the stitching I did in this post from a few weeks ago - the fabrics are exactly the same. As I've had time to think about things, I may just end up hooking the two together and having one larger finish. I think it would have more impact.

While stitching that, I considered what a hexie flower would look like out of these fabrics, which led me to make this partial flower.

I like this! I didn't have any more of the 'petals' with me, so after I got home, I added the remaining two, and now I have this lovely posey.

It is so fun to see how these look when completed. I have no idea whatsoever what I will do with this big flower, but I think I will make more. Perhaps an idea will take hold as I continue stitching.

Vacation was lots of fun. I went with 4 girlfriends all of whom I play cards with on a monthly basis. We are close in age - all our kids are grown and on their own; one gal is a grandmother while another is about to be. We did a lot of giggling, gabbing and lazing in the sun - both oceanside and poolside. It was a wonderful week.

This evening is my niece Abby's wedding. I will take pics; I can't wait to see how my sister has transformed their farmhouse and barn for this wedding. It promises to be magical.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I often sew at the beach and just love it (assuming that the breeze allows for it!). There are times that I spend more time looking at things around me than stitching, but I always come home with a little progress.


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