Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Side-by-side Comparison

One aspect of quilts that has always fascinated me is the different looks a single pattern can have with the change of colors and fabrics. I have an example of what I mean. Awhile back, I had a request from a reader to show the finished quilt top Sharon made of her Confetti Stars pattern (by Thimbleberries) using Snowbird fabric by Laundry Basket Quilts/Moda.

Wonderful, isn't it? Here's a short version of the story of the quilt. Both Sharon and I had our own stashes of the Snowbird fabric. We began collecting it in big or little hunks, as we found bargains, or as we felt a particularly strong urge for more. (You know what I mean, I'm sure.)

At some point after about 6 months, we made a plan. We would use the old standby and go-to star pattern by Thimbleberries: Confetti Stars and we would do our own individual interpretation of the various design parts--borders, setting blocks, stars, etc. We set aside the month of February or March to do it together. You can click back to this link and read what I wrote in March 2015.

As you can see, Sharon used dark setting triangles along with the wonderful dark floral for the border. My quilt, below, has lighter setting triangles. There are other differences, too, but they are subtle. You probably can't tell that Sharon's is more controlled with how stars were made. My construction method was more haphazard and loose. Sharon's star points are all dots and her star centers are all florals; my star points are everything and so are my star centers.

You may recall that this Confetti Star pattern is the one we use for our retirement quilts, and you can find several examples throughout this blog by searching these key words: Confetti Stars; retirement quilts; and maybe Thimbleberries.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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