Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sharon's Pre-Cut Beauty

Both Sharon and I are in cahoots with using our American Jane fabric - Lorraine, specifically. We were both crazy about Lorraine when it came out, so we have made a plan to create some magic with this gorgeous stuff. Yesterday's post was about my creation. Today's post is all Sharon - she even provided all the pics. *thank you*

Sharon had her jelly roll of Lorraine, and she also had a layer cake. This gives her entirely different options and she has come up with a beauty.

She had just the book to go to, also, shown above with her beautiful lilies in the background. (Sharon told me that the very next day, all the lilies were gone thanks to the deer in her neighborhood having a feast.) Anyway, the pattern Sharon is using is called Old Gold, shown below.

When we sewed together here on Tuesday, she made her hourglass blocks. Take a look at this yummy gorgeousness.

I think I can safely speak for Sharon when I say that these quilts have been major F-U-N to work on. Every combination of fabrics brings a smile, and there simply can't be more happiness in a quilt than the two we are making with our Lorraine fabric.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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