Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ohio Amish Country

I have been a bit sporadic in my posting lately, friends, and I do apologize. It seems like I just stay so busy with other stuff that posting falls lower and lower on my to-do list. I do remember how to quilt and operate a sewing machine and use a computer, so eventually I might get back to more reliable posting.

Here's an example of a day that took me away from home - and the computer. On Monday we drove to Coshocton to visit my FIL. Since Sunday had been Father's Day and we were at home enjoying visits from our daughters, we took Monday to go see Kevin's dad, Jim. He is in his late 80s and sees 2 of his remaining 4 children regularly. We live about 2-2.5 hours away, so our visits are less frequent. The remaining sibling lives in Florida, so we are lucky to see them once a year.

Anyway, off to Coshocton we went, and once we got there Jim suggested we take a ride. He enjoys looking at the countryside in Amish Country - we do, too! - so off we went. Before long, I was making a cheese purchase at Pearl Valley; they have the most delicious cheeses in as many varieties as you can imagine. Afterwards, we were just sight-seeing when lo and behold! We found ourselves coming into the little town of Charm.

Charm is the home of a fabulous quilt shop, you know. Miller's Dry Goods. It is a destination for many a quilter here in Ohio, as well as from out-of-staters, too. After my purchase, I selected a rocking chair on the front porch and visited with a woman from Savannah, Georgia, who was vacationing with her daughter.

My purchase?? Yes, let's get to that.

I love picking up one or two of their business cards -  shaped for English Paper Piecing!

This was what I needed to get. I'd been searching for a new thimble and had not found this one in any of my local shops. In trying to finish off the 6-pointed star quilt I have in the frame, I find that I am wearing out my old thimble.

In a bin of 1-yard cuts I made a wonderful discovery! A yard of this Lorraine fabric!! Too scrumptious to pass up! I will use this in my pre-cut project. Inner border? Yes, I think that would be fine, or maybe a middle border of 3, if I have the fabric on hand to do it. Wait and see; I will keep you posted.

And to prove the tremendous powers of restraint I possess of late, those two items were the extent of my spending. My determination to limit additional fabric purchases has taken firm hold of me; I rarely succumb to "the urge" to amass more. Working through the stash has been rewarding, so I think I will stay at it for awhile longer.

Last evening, I finished the binding on Abby's wedding quilt. We plan to go to Hillsboro this evening, so I will make arrangements today to meet up with them for a special delivery.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I know just what you mean about not blogging regularly. Sounds like you had a good trip though.

  2. That fabric is really pretty. I like that thimble. I have never seen one like it and I think it would be wonderful to use. I will have to see if I can find it online. I enjoy reading your posts whenever you have the time to write them.


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