Monday, June 6, 2016

It's Been A Year

June 6 one year ago, Grandma died. She was 98, and relatively healthy her whole life. She had a couple of heart attacks in her later years, and as she got into her 90s, she definitely settled in with some issues common to the elderly, but I was really lucky to have a grandmother who lived so long, was so vital throughout the years, and who was a quilter.

I have just spent a good, long while going back through old posts in which I wrote about Grandma. From her giving me the contents of her sewing room to traveling to quilt shows to sharing a number of the quilts she made over the years, I have put a lot out there about Grandma.

This picture was taken when she was 95. We were celebrating my mother's birthday when the picture was taken, and it has always been easy to remember ages - 20 years separate me and Mom; 20 years separated Mom and Grandma.

Instead of my retelling stories and remembrances, I will list a few links to posts about Grandma that are among my favorites. Plus, there's that tab above where you can browse through all the quilts I have photographed of her 70 years of quilting. It's a work in progress; many more are out there needing to be added to the roll.

The day we went to Peebles for a quilt show and bed-turning.
The day we cleared out stuff stored under the bed.
Getting Grandma's sewing kit.
The day we played in the quilts.
The day I brought home the contents of the closet.
First post after her passing.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. What a sweet post. Your grandma sounds like she was a very kind and generous lady. My grandma just celebrated her 97th birthday and I feel very blessed to have her in my life. At her age, she still quilts and makes 500 quilts per year for Project Linus.

  2. Hi, just loved your post about your grandma. My mother-in-law passed on her love of quilting to me. Your posts are a wonderful way to honor her and the lovely quilts she made. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Just spent some time going through your Grandmother's quilts. I love the churn dash set on point but I think my favorite is the flowers. I imagine she loved sharing these on your blog with you.

  4. Thanks for posting all the stories about you and your grandmother! She must have been thrilled with your interest in her and her quilts. You are so lucky that she passed some much on to you.


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