Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Pre-Quilt Show Quilt Show

Today the Circleville Quilt Guild opens its annual quilt show. I have pictures of quilts that my quilting friend Sheryll will be entering in the show. So you, dear readers, get a pre-quilt show quilt show.

This will look familiar to you if you have followed this blog for any length of time. It's called All in a Row by Kim Diehl, and we each made our own versions at the Canter's Cave retreat in April.

This shows off Sheryll's skill with applique; a few weeks ago she was putting the finishing touches on this quilt called A Little Porch Time.

I do not know the proper name for this quilt, but it is lap-quilt size, and I particularly love the crosshatch quilting in the borders. Very much the perfect fall decoration, isn't it?

Long Road Home! I made this quilt, too, so the name and quilt should be familiar to you. Sheryll followed the directions more closely than  I did, though, in that she used a subtle variety of neutrals for the setting blocks. (Mine were more colorful.)

Here's another quilt that will have to go nameless, as I did not get the exact title. Quite patriotic, though, and very striking.

I do not know when I will travel over to Circleville for the show; I was thinking of going tomorrow, but perhaps I will slip away later today. Whenever I go, I promise to get as many pictures as I can!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Thanks for the quilt show! Each one is awesome!!!


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