Sunday, August 7, 2016

Quilt Show Highlights

The Good Time Quilters, the guild headquartered in Circleville, hosted its annual quilt show last week. The guild is a well-established group and have had an annual show for many years. I have gone for at least 20-25 years, and it was going strong before that, I believe.

This year the venue was new, and gosh what an improvement! The lighting was wonderful; the spaciousness was wonderful; the parking was wonderful. I heard many attendees making very positive remarks about this show.

The location was the gymnasium at Ohio Christian University. The pictures below are taken from the upper level looking down on all the quilts and vendors.

The quilts were displayed in the center of the gym, while vendors set up against the walls surrounding the quilts. It was nice to stop by a vendor's table at the end of each row. The space between the rows was more than adequate compared to the previous location. And just look at the well-lit space! Gosh, it couldn't have been nicer.

The smells of the kitchen permeated the lobby as one entered.Seating was ample and since I arrived just as lunches were being served, the room was quite full. Off to one side was a separate room for scissor sharpening and 'yard sale' - members bring unused or unneeded items from their own sewing rooms to offer for sale to benefit the guild.

ALERT!! I grabbed a wonderful find in the sale room; I will get back to you in a few days to share it.

Several of the friends I quilt with are in the Circleville guild and entered quilts. I will show you a few. I am sure I didn't find all of them.

Laura H. quilts with us at Canter's Cave each April, and occasionally at Terry's when her work schedule permits. The two quilts pictured above are both by Laura; I have seen the HST quilt before, and of course I loved it. Look; it has a blue ribbon! The quilt above (Hovering Hawks?) has a red ribbon.

The two quilts above are the work of Susan H. also of the Canter's Cave retreat and Terry's. The sampler quilt in French General fabrics was one of the first ones visitors saw upon entering the room. It is spectacular.

Side note: Sharon P. and I have tossed around the notion of using either our French General remnants or our Roman Holiday remnants in a sampler quilt. This can be our inspiration!

Susan's geometric quilt with green border is the quild's mystery quilt from their retreat. Our friend Terry quilted it.

 Jan got an extra-large ribbon - judge's choice, I believe - for this stack-n-whack she called "Go Bucks." I remember her starting this quilt way back at the quilt camp we had in June of '15 (or was it '14?).

I know I've shared bits about this quilt of Jan's in previous posts. I recall seeing her blocks at one of our Canter's Cave retreats; I also recall seeing the finished quilt at least once or twice. I am so happy it received a blue ribbon. The work is exquisite.

You learned from reading this post that Sheryll was entering  her Long Road Home, and look at that red ribbon! Well done, my friend! ;=)

Those are the pictures of quilts from my quilting buddies. I have a few other pictures of quilts that captured my fancy which I will share in another post. And I won't forget to show you what I bought. (It starts with an 'F'.) Stay tuned, dear readers!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. That does look like an excellent venue and the quilts were hung really well - that takes a lot of careful organising. Hope that venue can be secured for future exhibitions.


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