Friday, August 5, 2016

Binding For An Old Friend

This story can be told in pictures.

Binding prepared for quilt. Cut at 2.25" - for future reference, because that is always a tricky decision for me.

The quilt has been trimmed; a few wonky sections will be tricky. There were many, many biases in this quilt.

Attaching was a breeze. I have mentioned in previous posts about this quilt that it is entirely hand pieced and hand quilted. So attaching the binding by machine was a big decision. I just couldn't see myself doing it by hand, so under the machine it went.

This is my first opportunity to use my little clips. I like them!

The binding is the same fabric as the backing; I just used the cut-away pieces to cut my strips. Now I am ready for a long afternoon of sewing the binding. Notice that safety pin? That is my reminder that one section of that star didn't get quilted. I will come back to fix that after the binding is on.

Tomorrow I will have pictures of a finish! Come on back for the big reveal!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. It is beautiful. I am so impressed with the hand sewing and hand quilting.

  2. This is such a beautiful quilt! And the finish is almost there! Love the neutral backing and binding. It's going to make those fabrics from the front really shine!

  3. Beautiful quilt and so glad that you got yours finished! My top is still sitting in a bin waiting for borders. You left a comment on my blog about my quilt which is similar to yours, but I couldn't reply directly back to you as you address is listed as 'no-reply'. So, to answer your question about names, I check my Blockbase software program and here are the following names it is known as: Texas Star, Hexagon Stars, Friendship Hexagon, Garden of Flowers, Dolly Madison's Star, Boutonniere and Dolly Madison. So there, plenty to choose from. My project is listed as Diamond Star. Who knew there could be that many.


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