Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Retail Therapy and Experiments

I sure don't buy much fabric anymore. I made a calculated decision about 4 years ago that I needed shop my stash and I have done a reasonably good job of that. When I do buy, it is to get a backing or a piece to complete a project that most was already coming from the stash. I also allow myself to shop sales. When I'm given a gift certificate to my local quilt shop, I then splurge on some pretty new stuff - and Lord knows there's plenty to choose from!

On Friday morning I attended the Circleville Quilt Show, and while I mostly wanted to see the quilts and check out how the new venue worked for them, I knew there would be a chance for shopping. Wanna' see what I got?

I have no explanation as to why these three fabrics from Primitive Gathering appealed to me, but they did, so I bought them. I also picked up a hexagon ruler with several sizes marked on it. I think I will be able to make good use of it. The business card is from the shop that these items came from. Pumpkin Ridge Quilt Shop is located near McArthur, OH, which is on the way to Athens where my DD2 lives. I think I will make it a point to find this store.

Another shop I stopped at, but alas, did not make any purchases was The City Stitcher out of Centerville, OH. She does not have an actual shop, but sells her items at shows. She also is affiliated with Quilter's Warehouse as a pattern designer. I was fascinated by this vendor because she had a huge array of blocks made up for quilters to buy. So, if I wanted a bunch of 9-patch blocks for a project, but didn't want to take the time to make them, I could get them from her, and then just work on completing a quilt top. Janet, the shop owner, says she has really good success with the sale of these blocks and she offers many colorways and other blocks, too, like churn dash, in several sizes.  

I thought the Primitive Gathering fabric would be all I went home with, but on my way out I remembered the "Sale Room" - a great place to find unique treasures. Members of the guild bring items from their sewing rooms that they no longer want to sell for others to use.

The last table I looked at had these feedsack fabrics, and I just knew I had to have them. I was so excited! I have seen so many great quilts made from  vintage fabrics, and I really think I will have fun coming up with ideas and seeing them turned into quilts.

The feedsack fabric did stay on my mind all through the weekend. I searched the internet, Pinterest, Instagram and various blogs for ideas. One that really appealed was a 9-patch with a white center. So I tried it. If I go with this, each 9-patch will be separated with white sashing strips. Go here to see my inspiration.

Two things make me reluctant to proceed with this 9-patch plan, however. First, I have only 6 fabrics, and I feel like this plan would require more variety. Second, the 2.5" squares are so small, and I think they lose some of their impact when placed side by side like this.

 The other idea that I really wanted to try was a Great Granny square. I have a nice big tub of solid fabrics from my grandmother. I rarely use them, and this seemed perfect. I used the 2.5" squares and laid out this design first.

Again, I thought both of these options really do not focus enough on the feedsack fabric. The solids were too dominant. So I tried one more option and I really like this one.

Removing that solid in the center and replacing it with the floral is exactly what the block needed.

I stitched it up and am very likely going to go with this design for a full-size quilt. I don't know when I will get back to this, but it will not be put off too long, I hope.

How much auditioning do you do before you come up with a design that you like? I probably should do more, and this experiment was worth the time I took to come up with the results that really pleased me.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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