Saturday, August 27, 2016

Progress Made on Liz's Quilt

Sharon was here on Wednesday, and we made fantastic progress on the wedding quilt we are making for our friend Dee's daughter Liz. I will dispense with the yakkity-yak, and get straight to the pictures.

These blocks are gi-normous! I think they measure in the vicinity of 20-21" square. Last week when we worked on this, we got all the blocks made and mostly pressed. This week we laid out all the blocks and sewed the top together.

This quilt will be a king-size creation. The bed above is a double bed so you can see the enormity of the quilt. We actually have extra blocks (too many is better than not enough!), so we are thinking of incorporating the extras into a nifty pieced backing.

These pictures are of the blocks just laid out on the bed. Trust me - they are now all sewn together and the top is done. It needs an overall pressing and it's off to the quilter.

I'm off for now. Be back with more tomorrow.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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