Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Farewell August and a To-Do List

Agh! Time is just flying by too, too fast! Four months from today we will be preparing to bring in a new year for crying out loud. Good grief.

As I wrap up August from my little corner of the world, I find myself looking ahead to some really fun sewing. All of these projects await me after I get Elisa's quilt finished and delivered.

Today's post will serve to itemize (in no particular order) my plans for what remains of the current calendar year.

1. Lorraine/Savonnerie is still hanging on my design wall; I intend to finish this quilt top.

2. Bind Eventide.
3. Bind Scrappy 16-Patch.
4. and 5. Two t-shirt quilts for customers.

6. Make a KF Trip Around the World like the one above that Sharon is making.

7. Finish the UFO - Meadow Lily.

8. Prepare the backing and put Erin's Diamonds in the old quilt frame that Grandma gave me. I plan to "big stitch" quilt, so I hope to make quick work of it. Erin helped me select the fabrics for the backing, so it is ready for action.

9. Sharon and I have made a plan to use our Roman Holiday scraps; I will be going for a sampler quilt, but would be willing to alter that plan once I get into the scraps to see what looks feasible.

10. Emma has asked for a wall hanging for her apartment; she wants green as the predominant color and prefers that it be rather abstract in its composition as opposed to a star or something traditional. My brain is working on that; perhaps my hands will get to it before too long. At this point it is all rather nebulous.

Don't I sound industrious? Whoa. I can only hope to accomplish all of this!

A girl's gotta' dream, I guess.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Thanks for dreaming big! I love to see all of your inspiring projects!

  2. Dream? In my world that would be a fantasy!!! LOL

  3. Love the projects going on here! Do you know, or could you find out, what pattern Sharon is using for the KF Trip Around the World quilt. Love that layout.


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