Monday, August 15, 2016

Amazing Find

Thursday night I went digging around for a project to take with me to quilting on Friday morning with the Frankfort Girls. I didn't have anything immediately ready, unfortunately. I rooted around for awhile and came across a tub containing a UFO that I haven't touched since 2006.

I remember putting Meadow Lily away because I'd made a mistake. Stops me every time. But after 10 years, I don't even have a clue as to what the mistake was. So I took it with me Friday morning to see if I could sort it all out.

This is the quilt from the picture in the book - At Home With Thimbleberries Quilts. Are you surprised that I'm doing a Thimbleberries? I have done so, so many of them over the years, and I continue to go back to these patterns because of the great instructions and fast construction.

Take a look at the progress I made so many years ago. It amazes me that I had so much done. I wish I didn't let mistakes affect me so.

So many flower units are made! Why did I give it all up because of a mistake? All the setting blocks are made, too. I shake my head at my lengthy denial.

The photo below is likely where I will find my error. In the bottom of the tub are all the little yet-to-be-assembled pieces. It looks like what I would have been last working on.

I have not yet totally figured it out, but my guess is that I sewed a whole batch of HSTs on the wrong way to the little brown and background unit. I could spend a few Friday mornings unsewing these, if that is the case. I find that I am rather eager to get back to this quilt. I still like the fabrics and the pattern. With so much of it started, it seems ridiculous not to "get 'er done."

But Meadow Lily will have to wait. I need to spend today working on Elisa's quilt. Yes, I am still plugging away on it. I am so bad at procrastinating. Or maybe I should say I'm good at procrastinating and bad at diligence! *hah!* I would love to have it finished before the end of the month, and with some diligence, I could.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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