Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Frankfort Girls Round Up

On Friday, we met at Sheryll's for coffee, some delicious coffee cake and, of course, good fellowship. We also planned out our coming year, getting dates set and hostessing assignments cemented on our calendars.

Here's a quick look at what we worked on.

Sheryll proudly showed us this recent finish; it's life as a UFO is over. She machine quilted it, and was stitching binding while we were together.

Sheryll also had Christmas gifts to show us, thanks to Jan's embroidery machine. The top picture is one of several pillow cases that Sheryll  made for various members of her family. The lower picture is a hefty stack of tea-towels, also for various family members.

Speaking of Jan, she was binding this name banner for a daughter's friend. She'd made one previously for her grandson, so she is getting good at them!

Sharon O. was working on this holiday table runner.

Terry was prepping an applique project by tracing tiny little parts onto freezer paper. This is going to be a wool project for Christmas, I believe.

I worked on my diamonds, which I showed you a day or two ago. But I will show you again. It's no trouble. Really.  *grin*

I have had some time to continue working on it, and need to remain focused so I can call this a finish in this calendar year. Gotta' have goals, right?

Next time this group meets we will be celebrating Christmas with a little gift exchange at Jan's house.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Wow, Christmas pillow cases! How cool would that be?! Just love your quilt - I'm certain that it's a treat to quilt.

  2. those Frankfort girls sure are productive! LOVE seeing what you gals are up to! beautiful projects.


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