Monday, December 19, 2016

A Hodge-Podge

The harder I work, the behinder I get.

This saying perfectly describes the chaos around here lately. And you know, I suppose our chaos is really no different from that of other folks - it's just OUR chaos, and we plod happily along, making our way through this crazy, messy life.

We are for the most part done with all the downstairs painting. Kevin is still doing minor touch-ups here and there, but it mostly has been put away and our stuff is returning to all the correct places. That is with the exception of the family room which will be getting new carpet on Thursday - in the mean time, that room is still rather sparse.

After carpet is installed, I will get some pictures on the blog for you to see our "new" downstairs. We are very pleased with the results.

Since I've not blogged for several days, I find that I don't quite know where to start in the way of catching up; I may end up with quite a hodge-podge here today! It seems that we have been so busy that I have tons to share. However, everyone is busy through the Christmas season, so our goings-on are really not significantly different than most people's. I shared the trip to the Columbus Zoo last week, but I have not shared any of the Christmas gatherings I had earlier in the month - card club, Frienzies and the Frankfort Girls.

The ladies I play cards with had a Christmas-themed gathering at the beginning of the month. We were supposed to wear an ugly Christmas sweater or Christmas PJs. Well, look what Dorothy showed up in!

Buddy the Elf has a clone! Dorothy is my neighbor, and also my hairdresser. Her day job is cafeteria lady at our local school district. You visited her house a couple of years ago when they participated in the historical society's holiday home tour. Click here to see; you'll also see a few quilts from my house!

Soon after we card girls met, the Frienzies met for the December gift exchange. This year we added an activity - jewelry making. It was a fantastic morning - but then every time we Frienzies get together we have a fantastic time.

The Frienzies, 2016 version. We met at Pam's house; she is on the far right standing in front of the wall hanging that was my gift to these girls last year. Have I introduced this group before? Front row: Sharon P., Hettie, Lyn and Susan. Back row: Sherrie, me, Kay and Pam. We all taught together at CHS for a number of years and had lunch together every day in the home ec. room - 4 of these gals taught home ec. Sharon and I taught English; Hettie taught Spanish; Lyn taught math. Only two still teach - Hettie and Susan, but Susan is in her final year. All the rest of us have retired; we formed Frienzies so that we could remain in touch as retirement left us disconnected.

My gift this year was a whole lot simpler, and way less stressful. I made everyone some coffee-cake style bread and added a holiday kitchen towel (in the packages, not the bread!). There are a variety of breads here - lemon poppy seed, cranberry, and blueberry.

Our craft, like I said, was jewelry making. Since Pam is the Queen of Projects, she outdid herself with this quick and easy little item. Each of us were given the parts to make this snowman necklace pendant. It took all of about 5 minutes to complete, with the twisting of the top loop as the most challenging bit. After this, we all just went to work on whatever we wanted to attempt. (We'd all been reminded ahead of time to bring whatever jewelry-making supplies we wanted to experiment on.) It became a community property kind of session - someone had this, someone else had that. We all shared and shared alike. It was tons of fun being creative with something we were all relatively new at.

The Frankfort Girls met at Jan's this past Friday morning. We had a gift exchange and a wonderful breakfast. What generous girls these ladies are! I felt absolutely showered with goodies. Jan is quite a party planner, so for her to get the Christmas meeting was a bonus for the rest of us because Jan had a theme - Christmas lights and everything was theme-oriented. Here is her pretty table.

Note the centerpiece with Christmas lights, the garland of Christmas lights, the goodie bag on each of our plates made of Christmas light fabric and a name tag in the shape of a Christmas light. It was impressive how detailed she got with this theme. And quite fun, too.

Afterwards, when all our mess was cleared away, we could see the festive table cloth which Jan made and quilted. She fussy-cut the center block of each star.

 This is a more complete view.

In her formal dining room, she had another table cloth exactly the same pattern, but made with different fabrics. Such a versatile pattern. Below is a zoom-in of one of the stars. I like this star and can see myself making a quilt using a star like this. I find it very appealing.

Well, there's my hodge-podge for today. I will try to have something more focused to share tomorrow.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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