Thursday, December 1, 2016

December Has Arrived

Seems impossible, but the calendar doesn't lie - December is upon us. I have already listened to my fair share of Christmas carols both on the car radio and in my sewing room. I took a little trek out the lane last night to snip some pine boughs for decorating our front porch. Just little things to put one in the Christmas spirit.

Last year at this time I was working feverishly on 8 little quilts like the one above that I finished just in the nick of time to give to my Frienzies. This year, I'm not making anybody anything (almost). I decided that the pressure just wasn't worth it. I am simplifying my gift-giving!

As I look ahead to what is in store this month, I hope to get two quilts back from Terry and get them bound and delivered to the customers who commissioned them. I want to finish quilting Erin's Diamonds. And the OSU baby quilt. DD Erin has put in a request for help on a t-shirt quilt that will be given to her sister-in-law, and I am happy to do that. Claudia wants a class on making a bag, another project I am happy to do. I will be finishing up the semester next week with two finals, and all the grading that Freshman Comp naturally entails. DH continues to make his way around the family room with his trusty paintbrushes. I spend much time here in the sewing room to stay out of his way!

With all of this variety, I am also looking forward to various seasonal activities - gift exchanges, home tours, events here and there with all manner of family and friends. Today, for example, I have book club early, and card club late.

So bring it, December! Let's have a great month!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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