Thursday, December 22, 2016

Helping Dear Daughter

You'd think that after working on quilts for others for most of this past year, two of which were t-shirt quilts, I really wouldn't willingly agree to one more. Well, when the request comes from your own sweet daughter, yes is always the answer. And happily so, I might add. *smile*

Erin's sister-in-law is a high school senior, active in everything. Part of that ultra-activity is a t-shirt for each occasion or event. Erin, along with assistance from her m-i-l, decided a quilt was called for. I am hoping that Erin will eventually write a blog about gifting this quilt, but for now I can share a few choice pictures from our recent day of stitching. We completed the entire quilt top in one long Saturday session; we began with shirts still uncut and finished with all but the last two borders (measuring issues).

Erin cuts out each shirt panel - 15" square.

She presses on the fusible interfacing.

Sewing a row together.

Pausing for a photo op.

A "queen" with her sash and a silver star crown.
So we had a fun day. With two machines going, we really made fast work of it, and the finished quilt top looks really good. Erin chose two flannels for the complementing fabrics - a plaid for the cornerstones and backing; a solid navy for the sashing and borders.

Because the quilt will not be quilted in time for Christmas, we made two pillow cases out of the flannels and a couple of shirt parts. Here's how they look; and they are finished, so Christmas will be complete!

Won't these be wonderful for the long cold winter nights ahead?

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. That sounds like such fun to spend the sewing with your daughter making a quilt!

  2. What a great gift to give! And I know exactly what you mean about the request from your daughter. If my son requests anything sewing related, I drop everything and fulfill his wishes. Especially if he wants to help. :)


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