Thursday, December 29, 2016

Planning for 2017

Isn't it exciting to think of starting fresh, beginning a new year with so many plans for mountains of wonderful creations? It certainly excites me!

I've been thinking about 2017 for several week, as evidenced by a post I wrote back in November when I was making some lists. That was more just to get myself organized, but it still helped me focus on what I think I might want to do in the new year.

Sharon and I have agreed to begin January making our own versions of a Carrie Nelson quilt called Elizabeth from the book Spice of Life Quilts (2010). We each have fat quarter collections of older fabric lines that we want to use, and sewing something together keeps us focused and accountable. I am looking forward to it.

Two baby quilts will be forthcoming, as two babies are due soon - one in January and one in March. I was fibbing when I said that this Buckeye quilt was for a baby - all along it was for my mother; not a baby quilt at all!! (Christmas fibs aren't penalized, right??) But that baby boy will be making his appearance next month, so I do need to get busy with what remains of my Ohio State fabrics and get something stitched up for him.

His cousin will be born in March - yes, our friends Judy and Harold will be adding two grandbabies in 2017! How exciting is that?? So, this baby boy will get a quilt, too, but I don't have a plan determined yet for him.

Those are the for-sure things I am making in the new year. Other things I hope to accomplish - and I have no preferred order for these - include the following:

*Any Thimbleberries quilt for a quilt-along we will do at our Canter's Cave Retreat in April.

*A Kaffe Fassett version of Trip Around the World

*Lunch Box Social - A Kim Diehl quilt that my friend Terry has made (photo below); I have quilt envy for this!

*Swoon - I have had a Swoon quilt on my list for at least 3 years; this is the year I'm doing it! I bought the PDF a long time ago, and just need to decide my colors - I know I don't want a scrappy Swoon; I think I'm hoping of something subtle.

*Blue and Green Churn Dash - more quilt envy here - several years ago, quilting friend Sheryll made the most adorable quilt using neutral with navy and poison green. I was so enamored with it that I selected my fabrics very soon after that. And that's as far as I got. I plan to make this a priority this year. The size of mine will be determined by how much fabric I have. *wink*

*UFO List - Heavy duty work will be necessary to whittle down this list - the Frankfort Girls are joining forces again this year to tackle our UFOs, and the first one up for me is to finish my 19th-Century Reds quilt. I will bring details of that in an upcoming post. I've done a lot of the stitching already, so it should be an easy one to finish up. (Hear that optimism??)

*Wall-hanging for DD Emma - a request has been made for something to adorn the wall above the television in their small apartment. About all I can say for sure about this is that it will likely be modern.

I will very likely add more to this list; I have ideas - oh, do I have ideas! - so who knows what is in store for 2017?!? 

A link-up has been created for quilters to share their plans and goals for the new year. I will be joining in; click the icon below to have a look-see.

2017 Planning Party

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Any Elizabeth quilt will be gorgeous and that's a promise! I agree Jayne, I love planning ahead for the new year. It's also fun to reflect on things from the year past: books read, projects completed, vacations taken... I wish you all the best in 2017. I so enjoy reading your blog posts!

  2. Planning is so much fun ☺ And it is so handy to have a group of friends who can keep you accountable for promised finishes! I love the way your patchwork quilting is so often a social event.

  3. Quilting along with a friend is a sure way to stay motivated on a project. And I love your idea of a small fib about the gift giving nature of a project, I might need to remember that in the future. Thank you so much for sharing your goals for 2017. Happy New Year and thank you for linking up!


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