Monday, February 27, 2017

Denise Has a Finish

Today's post will illustrate that even when you have so-called "ugly" fabric, you can still make a great-looking quilt. It inspires me to want to raid my extensive stash and get really busy making quilts.

You know that over the past year or so, I have taught quilting to a couple of ladies - Claudia and Denise. I am forever impressed with their lack of timidness - they pour themselves into their quilting projects without worrying about doing it wrong or having it perfect. They are very willing to practice - and practice a lot! - to improve their various techniques.

With that brief introduction, I show you some pictures I recently received from Denise. This is her first finished quilt which she did all on her own, from beginning to end. I hope you are as thrilled to see her quilt as I was.

Denise and Claudia have attended some quilt shows together and have found that some will have tag sales where folks can buy various products garage-sale style. This is usually a fundraiser for the sponsoring guild. Both women have bought bags of remnant fabrics. They find that this is good stuff to practice on. Here's what Denise wrote in her email:

"The majority of the fabric on the front is from a grab bag of fabric I bought at a quilt show.  In fact I chose fabric I didn't really like just to use it up. Now that the quilt is finished I don't mind the fabric."

Denise's quilt measures 49" X 63". She said that while making this quilt she learned a few lessons. One was to pin-baste more, and another was to leave more fabric around the edges. 

Now how many of us seasoned quilters have learned those same lessons in exactly the same way? Many, I'm sure.

Be adventurous and take some risks in your quilting this week! 

I've linked up with Cynthia for her Oh Scrap! link party. You can get all manner of inspiration for using scraps there. *grin*

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Hi, Jayne -- thanks for visiting my blog today. Now I will explore yours!

  2. I love how those fabrics that are not loved come together to make something beautiful. Good job Denise!
    And yes, I remember that lesson well. :)


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