Monday, February 6, 2017

More Free-Motion Practice

While Claudia and Denise were here on Thursday, I did one little free-motion thing just to get my feet wet, so to speak. It was small and actually turned out quite nicely. Since this photo was taken, I have trimmed it and bound it. The plan is to use it on the screened porch this summer.

Having this little success encouraged me to continue with additional practicing, and before we packed up at the end of the day Thursday, I had sandwiched and pin-basted this fabric.

I love the "pebble" quilting I've seen on some quilts, so I tried doing it. I made myself keep going even when I knew I was creating a crazy mess of the pebbles. Only by practicing does one improve.

I decided not to quilt on the blooms of the flowers, and I do like how these pop from the design.  If you inspect too closely, you will see the thread chaos. I'm ignoring them, myself. Some pebbles look quite all right, though.

I have done about half of the piece of fabric, which is a fat quarter. I plan to finish this quilting, then use the fabric to make a zipper bag. I will certainly be sharing when I get it all done.

Gotta' take off my quilter/blogger hat and put on my teacher hat. Class today, and I must be off! Before you leave here, maybe you'd like to see what others are making on this Monday Making link at Love Laugh Quilt.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Pebbles look goo, so don't worry! Happy stitching

  2. I think your pebbles look pretty good. Keep it up!

  3. You are EXACTLY right....practice makes (near-) perfect! It seems as though overnight one gets exponentially better. I recommend daily fmq practice...even if only for 15 minutes or so. You pebbling looks marvelous...and is actually more difficult than people realize. I really like how the blooms pop with the pebbling in-between. I love your posts....and have been having a great time reading the archives. Thank you...

  4. If you can't see it from atop a moving horse - it's good!!! At least that's what I count on.


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