Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hello February!

Gosh, how quickly we seem to be welcoming in a new month. It feels like that New Year's Eve party was just a few days back, but no - we have used up January already. Let's take stock of what was accomplished in the quilting room.

First, I finished the January UFO - to the flimsy stage. Called 19th Century Red, it was fast and easy-breezy; why I had it done by the 7th of the month, for goodness' sake! That's pretty good for an old procrastinator like myself.

Then I began Elizabeth and spent the rest of the month trying to finish the flimsy. I succeeded - yay! - and on the 29th, at last, she was done. At present, I am satisfied, but I've seen Elizabeth in some online pictures and one quilter added borders which look fantastic. So I am mulling over the possibility that at some point my Elizabeth will get some borders, too. I don't have the yardage for borders so - darn it - I would have to go shopping. *wink*

Those were my big goals. I had several smaller goals:
1. Prep backing for Bradford's Star and deliver to quilter. ✔
2. Attach binding to Liz's wedding quilt. ✔
3. Deliver Erin's Diamonds and photograph on their bed. ✔
4. Prepare materials for upcoming classes with Claudia and Denise. ✔

Now it's time to look ahead to what can be accomplished in February. 

The UFO for this month is #9 which for me is to finish my Lorraine quilt. It is one I piddled with last summer using a jelly roll and a charm pack. I am at the point where I need to consider borders, and that has stumped me, as once again, I don't have the yardage. I do have one more charm pack, but I think a narrow inner border would be helpful for framing purposes. Here's a picture of Lorraine in her current state.

Won't this be a fun quilt to work on and finish? I just love the colors. It'll be good to have this one done; she's just too gorgeous NOT to be finished.

Additionally, I have 2.5 baby quilts to  make. Two will be for the Schmidt grandbabies that are arriving this winter (one is already here!). The half-quilt is just in an advisory capacity. DD#2, Emma, sent a text yesterday asking about making a baby quilt for one of her college friends who is due in April. She sent a picture from Pinterest, so I have something to go on. Yes, it will be easy, and since it doesn't look to be all that big, we are going to try to tackle it this weekend.

For a big quilt project, I haven't firmly decided on one, but I tell you what - I am leaning toward starting Swoon, a quilt from Thimble Blossoms released several years ago. I've had the PDF pattern for at least 3-4 years, and have listed it as a goal numerous times, so I think it's time has finally arrived.

I hope you all have a wonderful February! And a productive one, too!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Swoon as been calling to me for years. When Camille came out with the Swoon 16" pattern I took the plunge. I have a fat quarter stack of a Christmas line from 2013 and the pattern stored neatly together. Look forward to making it. The charm pack quilt looks so fun. It will be really cheerful to quilt up.


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