Friday, February 24, 2017

Dee Makes Baby Quilts

You have met my friend Dee here several times over the years. She and Sharon P. and I all began our teaching careers together in Chillicothe and as young English teachers and, eventually, new mothers, we became quite close. Click here for a review of a visit Sharon and I made to Dee's in 2015; and, last summer Dee came here to sew with us. And of course, just recently we delivered that mint and peach wedding quilt to her for her daughter.

Since her retirement from full time work as school librarian, Dee has renewed her sewing and quilting interests. She sent these pictures of baby quilts she has made or is making for friends of her daughters'. (We have all reached the age where our kids and/or their friends are having babies!)

Dee is holding the little cutie who received the quilt she made for him, above.

And, for the next baby due, she is making this sweet quilt. Any mom would love to be on the receiving end of this - just gorgeous!!

So, today, I've been cleaning that table I showed you yesterday. I think you will be right impressed with how tidy I've made things. Come visit tomorrow and I will show it off. :)

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Wonderful quilts...Dee's gifts will be special to all who receive them!

  2. Jayne, your friend Dee is welcome to join the ALA Biblioquilters. We are librarians (MLS, paraprofessional, trustees) who make quilts that are auctioned at the ALA Annual Conference to fund scholarships. We're on Facebook and we chat via a Yahoo group.

  3. As the Mom who received the first quilt, I love it! Matches perfectly with the nursery colors we were going with and is perfect for JJ while he does tummy time and learns to play with all his toys! Thanks so much, Momma Rice!


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