Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Bridal Quilt Delivered

The newlyweds have surely celebrated 6 months of wedded bliss by now, and at last they have the quilt that Sharon and I made for them.

Back in the summer, Sharon and I cooked up a plan to whip out a quilt fast-fast-fast for our friend's daughter. Dee, the friend, was involved in the color selection and helped with passing info back and forth as to Liz and Brian's various preferences. We came up with very large HSTs in peach, mint green, light gray and white. These were the wedding colors, too, by the way.

When all three of us (Sharon, Dee and I) met in Columbus earlier this month, we handed off the quilt to Dee. She then held it until the following weekend when she'd next be seeing Liz and Brian. And now the circle is complete.

Wayne the dog doesn't look too impressed, but Liz and Brian seem very pleased. We weren't as fast-fast-fast as we'd hoped, but we eventually delivered on the gift.

Dee has been making a couple of baby quilts for some of Liz's friends - I will soon post some pics of those, so stay tuned!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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