Thursday, February 16, 2017

Emma's Making a Quilt!

I felt pretty doggone lucky a couple of years ago when DD1 - Erin - began making baby quilts for various friends who were pregnant. I would guess she's made 3 or 4 total. Having a daughter who had previously shown very little interest in quilting suddenly want to make them herself has been a happy, happy development, one that makes me quite proud!

Modern Baby Quilt  grey aqua white and navy by littlecolleydesign:

How could things get any happier? When the second daughter wants to do the same thing, of course! Yessss!! Emma, DD2, texted about a week ago asking if I would help her make a quilt for one of her former college roommates who is expecting a baby boy later this spring. Navy and gray were going to be the main colors in the nursery, so the quilt would pick up this colorway, as well. After sending an inspiration picture from Pinterest, (above) we began making plans. She scoured my stash, then went shopping for additional fabrics and she selected a backing, too.

I showed her how to cut 3.5" 60-degree triangles. After we had several cut, she went to the design wall and I finished cutting more of whatever fabric she wanted/needed.

I set her up at one machine and I was at the other, and we were off to the races! If we hadn't had a funeral visitation to go to, we would have finished all the rows. As it was, we only got about half of them together. She had to get back to Athens, so I did a bit more on my own and she promises to be back soon to continue.

Both girls had the full 10 years of 4-H sewing projects as they were growing up. And of course, my sewing machine was set up somewhere in the house all the time. They have definitely been exposed to sewing and quilting, but only now that they see them as viable gifts for others are they interested in making them. I think it's awesome. Quilts are wonderful gifts - so much time, thought, love, devotion all poured into the effort. It warms my heart that they show signs of wanting to continue the tradition.

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Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. yes that is great! i have a niece who sews with me and we have so much fun. I love our creative times together. the quilt is going to look cute too.

  2. What a lucky lady you are! I'd love to have my sisters, daughters-in-law, or grands sewing with me. The best I get are requests. :-) But who doesn't love those? Enjoy your time sewing with them. Maybe a sewing weekend with all three of you would be fun.

  3. How nice that both your girls are now interested in making a quilt, or two, or three?


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