Saturday, January 12, 2019


At about the midway point in December, I posted an entry here that hinted at my considering the possibility of giving up this blog. Quitting, in other words. I was not motivated, interested, chatty, productive, whatnot. Such a little dilemma! I was terribly conflicted. *aren't I pathetic?*

As I seem to have rediscovered my blogging mojo, I expect that I will keep it going for the foreseeable future. However, I think I will occasionally write up some posts that deal more with everyday life, as opposed to quilting. All that everyday life stuff is what gets in the way of sewing time. I will lump all this everyday stuff under the heading of 'etcetera.' Here's what I've got today...

I will begin with a cat picture from DDErin. She's the one who owns Rocky, who comes to visit here when they are away. Rocky loves Erin's quilts as much as she does, perhaps more. Isn't this a darling picture of him snuggled into the folds of her Kaffe Fassett diamonds quilt? He has to be the most photogenic cat ever. Look at that white little fur around his nose and mouth! Adorable!

Under the heading of home ownership woes, we are very near to losing our refrigerator of the last 26 years. Yes, it's the fridge we bought when we moved in here in September 1992. Pretty remarkable for a fridge to last that long, wouldn't you say? For about a week now, every time the motor shuts off, it does so with a loud shuddering sound, like it's taking the last breath of its mechanical life. We know its end is coming, so we shopped yesterday to see what's out there; fridges have changed a lot in 26 years, you know.

Whirlpool model

Samsung model
I think I want to try what is called a "French door" style. Two doors open on the top to the fridge; a drawer below is the freezer. Our kitchen's space for the fridge is not overly large, so we are limited in some options, but these two appeal at this stage of the hunt. I like the idea of a gallon of milk or juice fitting into the door. We do not require an ice/water dispenser, but it would be nice if we had an ice maker.

I have recently changed the pad and cover on my ironing board; from the pics above, wouldn't you say it was long overdue? It had been on my list for awhile, but with Christmas and all, I just hadn't found time to get to it. Nice way to start off the new year. Looks clean and fresh.

Since submitting my grades at the end of fall semester in mid-December, I have logged about 50 miles walking on the Frankfort bike trail. It sure has made me feel good; and I am trying to figure out how I can keep up the habit when the spring semester begins next week. The little shelter house in the photo above is my turn-around spot. From where we park by the ball fields to this point and back is 2.5 miles. I walk this amount while my runner husband jogs about double that.

In addition to all this etcetera, I have been putting away all the Christmas decorations, purging as I go. Most of it has been taken down and tucked into bins. Now to get the bins lifted onto the storage shelves for another year.

My other purge is happening in the sewing room. GASP! Yes, I am getting rid of stuff. I have let things get so bad that I almost feel as if I am suffocating from the excess. I have not taken very many pictures of this process, but I ought. This could turn out to be life-changing!

I have some sewing plans taking shape as I work on all these other things. I think there will be enough to keep me blogging for some time to come. *smile!*

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I am So Happy you found your mojo!! You would have been missed! Etcetera is a big part of life and just as interesting! Keep on keeping on.

  2. December has been good walking weather, we haven't had much snow. Have a great week!

  3. I may be wrong and the iron looks as if it a nice heavy older iron, too. I'm in the same boat on the frig except mine is not very old. I have a side by side at the top with a drawer freezer at the bottom. The frigerator is warm. I actually think it is the casket around the door. I've let it go for a week since I live alone. I've been suffering from deep depression and really don't give a rats. Saturday morning my daughter called me and asked if she could stay with me if she comes home. So, I think I need to get it fixed. She's taking a day off school on Friday and then she doesn't have school on Monday for some reason. It makes me realize how worried she is about me. I was inpatient in November and reallhy should have been in December and just didn't do it. The doctor just cannot seem to get the medication adjusted. So, I'll rally and get the frig fixed for HER. I'm thrilled to see that you are going to continue to blog. I follow you via Bloglovin'. Afterall all of our life effects our quilting.


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