Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2019!

It seems not so very long ago that we celebrated the last new year, and here we are already, celebrating yet another. Gee whiz, time sure flies when you're having fun, right? *grin*

I follow an entertaining antiques collector on Instagram - @jesselauzon. (I highly recommend you go look him up!) He writes the greatest posts, and today's is no exception. Here is a snippet that resonates with me: …"I can't come up with a resolution that I don't want to break already..." I fear I lean that way, too, but doggone it, I make resolutions every year as if my life depends on it! I prefer to call them goals, as opposed to resolutions. I can't explain the difference, but I am sure there is one. *wink*

One goal for me this year is to do better than last with blogging. That should be easy, because I was pretty bad this past year. I need to get my mojo back! I think it all rides on being super busy with sewing projects, and this past year found me with fewer projects which led to fewer posts. I gotta' work on this!!

I have done some sewing today, and I have done some organizing, too. Both of these appear on the aforementioned goals list. I will be sure to talk more about these in the next few days.

Happy New Year, Dear Readers and Followers! Let's have an amazing year!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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