Friday, June 9, 2023

Front Porch Addition

I mentioned a few posts back that I wanted to hang a barn quilt on our front porch. Miraculously, I have followed through on this.  

Miraculous, because I am notoriously poor on my follow-through. I'm more of a mind to do stuff "when I get around to it." Case in point, that vintage sheet on the settee was purchased a year ago in January for this exact piece, yet I've just this last month covered the cushions with it.

Timeliness aside, DH found a nice board that he gladly cut to 21" square. I already knew I wanted an Ohio Star, and I had a few craft paints stashed away in a drawer. I used what I had as this project didn't warrant buying more.

The Ohio Star is easy to draw, but painting took some time as the taping-off  - especially the triangles - overlapped. Oh well, it was worth the extra time as it made me do a neater job of painting.

The white paint seemed too stark for me, so I added a stain to give it a more aged look. This photo above is without the stain. I'm thinking it was just fine, and I should have left it like that. I suppose if I continue to prefer white over aged, I will just paint over it all, and put it back the way it was.

 That is, if I have any remaining follow-through!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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