Thursday, June 1, 2023

It's June!

Five months down in 2023 already! It boggles the mind to think how fast time flies. And, honestly, the older I get, the faster it flies!

Typically, I love May and hate to see it end, but this past month has been so very odd for us! We - mostly me - have dealt with being under the weather. I had the C-virus for about 10 days, and am still dealing with lingering head congestion. Then I got a serious stomach virus followed by a milder version for DH. At least he avoided coming down with the virus. We've had to avoid family functions as well as other friends' events, since we've all learned to be more mindful of the spread of germs and disease.

So now May is behind us and we hope the 'punies' are, too!

Despite the sickness, we do have some May highlights, so let's take a look.

TOP ROW: Our sweet Cate is now sitting up and beginning to experience solid foods. Doing this in just a diaper proves the easiest clean-up for the parents. Next, I spent a day with the twins helping them with sewing projects - a skirt for Mary Jean and a dress for Anna Rose. And in the very little sewing I managed, I stitched the quilt top from my William Morris economy blocks.

MIDDLE ROW: We had the screened porch enclosed with proper windows and doors, making us very happy homeowners. The front porch has a festive splash of color from geraniums bought at a local greenhouse. And, just for good measure, we'll have another smile from our dear granddaughter. Isn't she beautiful?

 BOTTOM ROW: I found a day late in the month to long arm a months-overdue baby quilt. It is now ready to be gifted. Our sweet girl, her parents, her Auntie Em, and her great-grandma Jeannie (my mom) came for Sunday lunch; a long-overdue nap later in the day found her dreaming sweet dreams on her pink 9-patch quilt. And finally, Sharon and I drove over to Dayton yesterday to visit our dear Frenzie Kay. We took Graeter's Ice Cream - one of Kay's very favorite things!


That snapshot of the front porch geraniums prompts me to share these additional pictures of that space. I have had a vintage Ralph Lauren sheet for over a year, all along meaning for it to become cushion covers for the front porch settee. Rather than cut into a perfectly good sheet, I just wrapped the cushions in the sheet, and I think it looks mighty nice, if I do say so myself.

One additional task I hope to complete soon is making a cushion for this brown wicker chair. I've saved foam padding from earlier projects, so my thought is to join those pieces by wrapping batting around them. Then using some pretty floral fabric to cover it. Hopefully, I'll find something suitable in the stash.

The front door is just out of view to the left in that final photo. If you were to come out of that door, to the other side would be the settee and tables that you see in those few earlier pictures.

Now I need to think of what quilting goals to set for myself this month. I really do hope to make long-arming a major part of my June endeavors.

Happy June, Friends! And Happy Quilting, too!

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