Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cute Dogs

I'll just let you know up front that this post is going to have little to do with quilting. It will, however, have a lot to do with dogs. It seems many of my quilting friends have dogs for pets. Very special pets. Almost-like-family pets. As it should be, right? Let's meet some of them. I've got pics of a few, and once this gets posted, I am sure to get pics of the rest. *remind me!*

Here's our very own fur-person, Steve. He is our son's dog, and named for the distance runner from the early 70's, Steve Prefontaine. (FYI, DH and DS are both distance runners.) Steve likes living out here in the country where he can chase rabbits, squirrels and birds to his heart's content. He is also very happy to chase any toys that might be thrown his way, too.

Meet Little Buddy, the latest addition to Kay's family. She went to an Amish farm market for veggies or something, and came home with Little Buddy. Isn't he adorable? This was his puppy stage, last summer. Kay and Chuck are dog people. They've had many over the years. Scamper, Levi, Panda, and now Chelsea - these all preceded Little Buddy's arrival. There were many others before I came on the scene.

Here is Sharon P's puppy, Rose, whom you've met before. I introduced her on a  post from late last summer, I believe. This is the same pic; I need to get a more up-to-date shot of her. I've not seen Rose for a month or more, so I know she has changed a good bit.

These 2 lovable furry creatures are Terry's dogs, Lillie and Maddie. Maddie, on the right, is a long-time pet, grande dame of the house. Lillie, on the other hand, is brand-spanking new. Just 8 or 9 weeks, now, and has just very recently come to join Maddie.

Lillie sleeps so soundly that she rolls right off the edge of the cushion and onto the carpet. She seems oblivious to anything. We were sewing and talking all around her this day, and it didn't seem to matter one bit. What a cutie she is!

Friends, I am gearing up for a BIG JOB - cleaning and reorganizing my sewing room. OMG. It is a total disaster, and all the sewing I've done lately has been done on the kitchen table because there is no workspace remaining in the sewing room! Why even have a sewing room, if I can't keep it clean enough to work in?!? So, after giving myself a stern talking-to, I am prepared to begin this overhaul.

Heaven help me!


  1. LOL well, when you finish digging out your sewing room could you would you come and do mine??? Lest you think you're the only one---I've moved my sewing machine into the living room because I can't get into EITHER of my sewing rooms. ROFL I adore puppy dogs, all shapes and sizes, and I'm owned by two wienie dogs. :D Loved seeing picture of these furbabies.

  2. What a lovely collection of four-paws :} I miss having a dog in the house but it's probably for the best right now. I'm so busy, he's away all week and the garden is anything but 'pet-friendly' or safe at present. Maybe one day, Sully . . .

  3. What lovely photos. The one of Lillie rolling off her bed made me laugh.

    Good luck with the sewing room. Don't forget to tell us when you go in, so we know to send out a search party if you're missing for too long!

  4. Oh I love dogs so so much. I loved this post and seeing these fur babies.


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