Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sharon's Bursting Star

Oh, my, once I get back into the classroom, I just cannot make or find the time to blog. But no one grades me on this, so I will post when I can. Only one class this quarter, Tuesdays and Thursdays; a nice group of students for Freshman Comp. I hope we can all learn some things together.

On Monday, I did keep my weekly date with Sharon for some sewing at her house. If you recall, she was beginning a Bursting Star from a golden-oldie book.

She is using triangle papers to speed up the process and insure accuracy. I believe I said she had made 2 of these already - years ago. In hindsight, Sharon reports that she's made 3! One, in fact was on the wall right behind where we were sewing!

So here is a bit of the progress she made on the 4th Bursting Star. I am loving the toille, as I knew I would.

Won't it be gorgeous? Can't wait to see it come together. Another great thing about this particular pattern is that this block is huge - like maybe 12 or 15"! So only 12 blocks are needed, and so the top comes together fast. I will continue to post updates as Sharon pulls this together over the coming days/weeks.

I worked on a stash-busting project with leftover 2.5" strips of batiks. Stay tuned for pics - hopefully tomorrow!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Wow, I love toile also...especially red!

  2. That will look so nice, plus her points line up.unlike mine!


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