Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Table Runners and Bursting Stars

Sharon and Kay came over yesterday for sewing. What a whirling dervish we have when Kay is involved! She gets more accomplished in a day than I do in a week, easily. She was on a tight budget, time-wise, as she was scheduled for 2 additional (or was it 3?) stops before the afternoon ended. Her plan for the few hours she had in the morning was to make a table runner, one of those made with the 60-degree angles. She had a kit, and since I'd made several a couple of years ago, I was "helping." Now, Kay is a veteran quilt maker and seamstress, so she needs no help. I offered some tips with the 60-degree ruler, she did the rest.

She wasn't able to have it completely finished, but she did get the top made. I had some extra flannel for her to use as a batting, her kit came with backing and binding fabric. She will be good to go for next Christmas!

Sharon has resurrected an old favorite.

Sharon has made two quilts from this book. Bursting Stars. One is an exact replica of this one, on the right.

She has decided to make yet another one, this time using toille. It is going to be a stunner!!

To get all these triangles done, Sharon is using a product designed for speed and accuracy.

Triangle Papers. I've never used them, but they sure seem to work miracles on the accuracy of triangles! And they go together fast, as advertised. Sharon did a bunch of them while she was here.

In other news and activities, I put the finishing touches on the binding of the flannel quilt for Alexis. It will be a comfy, cuddly source of comfort to her, I hope. I am going to get a label put on it and then arrange a time to deliver it. Alexis is having daily radiation treatments, now. Such an ordeal for her and her family. We are praying for her complete recovery.

Kay brought along another project, just in case she had time to work on it. Basically, she had time to press and fondle the fabric. :-)

The history on this bundle of beauty is about 2 years old. Kay bought the kit at a shop in Michigan, near where her daughter lives. The kit contains 10 gorgeous light blue batiks. Endless Summer - could it be any more aptly named??

And finally, this day wouldn't be complete without a show and tell. Kay used a lot of leftover pieces to make this lap quilt.

A year or two ago, Kay made a purple batik quilt for her granddaughter. This lap quilt came from all the scraps! She said it went together really fast, and isn't it a great quilt?! Really pretty.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Pheww, I'm tired after just reading about all Kay's activities.


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