Friday, March 2, 2012

A Failure

Yessirree, that's what I am. A complete and utter failure.

I went to a quilt show today with Sharon O., Terry, and JoAnn of the Frankfort quilty group. Guess who did not have her camera with her?

So, yeah, someone ought to make me turn in my blogging card,if there were such a thing.

The show was over at Lebanon, Ohio. There were some pretty quilts on display, and some wonderful vendors. You'll just have to trust me on this! I have no pictures to show you! There was a good crowd, and the setting of the historical society was perfect for displaying the quilts. I maintained my resolve to avoid purchasing. The only money I spent was the $6 admission fee.

So, even though I succeeded with my determination to minimize stash enhancement, I failed miserably at gathering material for blogging.



  1. You had a good time with your friends, that is far more important than blog fodder.

  2. Well I bet you enjoyed yourself anyway.

  3. It's not about worrying photos for us bloggers, it's about you enjoying yourself!


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