Thursday, March 8, 2012

Field Trip!

Those two words always excited a classroom full of students. We had some fun field trips over the years when I taught. Poets, authors, movies, exhibits - we had quite a variety, I suppose.

Well, there was a quilting/sewing field trip on tap for Sharon and me on Monday. The two of us normally do sew together on Mondays, so that part was not out of the ordinary. Our location was switched up this time. Terry, of the Frankfort quilty girls, invited a number of random quilting friends in to her home for a day of stitching. So Sharon and I took our first field trip, and it was great fun.

Hostess Terry was working on a kit. I need to get the information about it, but the fabrics are reproduction, obviously. I really love these stars, Terry!!

If the remainder of the blocks turn out as gorgeous as these two, then I am very likely going to have to borrow Terry's patten. They have such impact.

Sharon worked on a quilt she intends to give to her mother made of DAR fabrics.

Windham Fabrics had this line, The Eagle Medallion Collection, several years ago; since Sharon and her mother are members of the DAR, she thought this would be a perfect gift for her mother. With the panel in the center, Sharon began adding borders and stopped when she was satisfied. It will be a treasure, for sure.

Wish I'd taken the trouble to move the folding chair, but I think it still looks impressively regal. That outer border has me salivating. Isn't it stunning?

Sheryll attended, too, and she worked on the same mystery quilt that I worked on. She was in the initial stages of sewing hers, so I did not take pictures. She is using a dark burgandy, a medium green and a beige light. As soon as possible, I will get a pic of it to show here.

Sharon O. came for just a bit, as she had an early afternoon doctor's appointment. She brought hand work - binding a small wall-hanging. I didn't take a picture of it, either.

Monica from Grove City had intended to come, but weather conditions prevented her attending. We have had an unbelievably mild winter, but of course Mother Nature had to coat our roads with black ice Monday morning. Boo! Some area schools went on a 2-hour delay, while one near us closed completely. Anywhoo, Monica opted not to test her luck and stayed home. She did send a picture of a quilt she wanted me to share on the blog. Sweet!!

If I enlarge it, it becomes distorted, so I must leave the picture small. I think because it was sent by picture phone/text message (?) that might have something to do with its losing quality if enlarged. Perhaps I will have an opportunity to see this quilt in person and take a picture of it with my camera - then we'd be in business! Monica's description of this quilt was cut short, so I don't have any details to share. I hope to be able to provide them at some point soon.

Today I am off to visit Grandma; picking her up from the beauty shop at 10:30 (she get her hair done every Thursday!), then who knows?? Supposed to be a lot of rain today. My dad would say "good day for ducks!"

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Sorry to show my ignorance, but is DAR Daughters of the American Revolution? If so, what does that mean exactly. It's an abbreviation I've seen before and never known about it.

  2. It is such inspiration to see the work of other stitchers! Sounds like a fun time.


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