Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Super Tuesday!

Yes, I did my civic duty and voted yesterday in the primary election. Here in Ohio we think our votes must be pretty important, if we listen to the talking heads on radio and television. So, now it's all over until November's general election. The frequency and sheer number of political phone calls we had was incredible. I would not be exaggerating to say we averaged 8-10 per day, especially in the final week. Even yesterday, Super Tuesday, we had calls.

Now, for Super Tuesday quilting, let's just see how much progress has been made on the mystery quilt, shall we?

There's been a fair amount of chain piecing. All parts are going together quite well.

The points are perfectly pointy and seams are matching up as they should. I am very pleased with this star. It will make a good mystery quilt at Terry's guild getaway in a few weeks. She will take my quilt top, one of her own, and possibly two made by Sheryll for participants to see after they've sewn most of theirs together. It's always fun to see the variety that fabric choice provides.

I have the rows and the sashing all sewn together, and plan to complete the top today. I will wait to show a picture of the complete top until after the guild's retreat. I wouldn't want to ruin the "mystery" now would I??

Tomorrow, I will post about a sewing field trip Sharon P. and I took on Monday. It was a fun and productive day!


  1. That looks bee-oo-tiful, and your pointy points are brilliant.

  2. I love, love the blues in this. Look forward to seeing the whole top.

  3. Very smart piecing, Ma'am, and a darn pretty block too!


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