Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Bit of Straightening Up

My Kaffe fabrics (including Phillip Jacobs, Martha Negly, of the Westminster Fabrics family) were quite a difficult mess from all my rooting around of late. The situation warranted some attention, so I broke down and forced myself to staighten it all up. I wondered if I couldn't get it all into bins and tubs that I could actually put lids on and close.

This was the spilling-over tub that I believe I showed you last week sometime. It was the better of the 2 tubs to photograph. The other tub was in much worse condition, as there were smaller cuts as well as "remains" - you know, I'd cut some off and threw the remains back in the tub and then rooted and then, well, if you quilt, you know the rest, don't you?? It's not pretty.

So here are my much more organized bins.

I decided that I liked the fabrics placed this way in the tubs because then I can see all the fabrics. I won't be rooting through these bins, digging for something on the bottom! This is the way you see fabrics displayed at quilt shows. Makes sense, then, to do it this way at home.

The big tub on the bottom contains all my larger cuts of KF fabrics. Most from 2 yards up to 5 yards. They are stacked, but since the tub is no long filled-to-brimming, I have space to move it around without creating a mess.

The cuts that measured a yard or less filled the smaller tubs, and they are the ones I stacked like the vendors do. And look! All the lids snap on! No more spilling over!
I think I will like this newly organized stash. It will help me make decisions for the new year's plans and goals. I am sure one or two Kaffe quilts will be on my list.
Have you made new year's plans for quilting?
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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