Monday, December 31, 2012

Fabric Emergency!

How many times do we do this? Buy just a bit of a fabric only to find out later we wish we would have bought a big ol' hunk? I'm pretty sure we do it a lot more than we'd like. My general rule of thumb is (drum roll, please) buy fat quarters.

Here's my thinking: If I am in a quilt shop and don't have a list of particular projects or fabrics I am looking for, then I just wander through and wait for some fabric to "talk" to me. I expect you know what I mean. Out of all the thousands of bolts of fabric in any given shop, sometimes one or two will just really appeal to me. If this happens, I will buy a couple of yards, or maybe more if the wallet won't mind. *wink*

Now if this does not happen, then I have a couple of back-up plans. My number one back-up plan results in my having LOTS of fat quarters. Thus, my current dilemma. What I do is to go to the fat quarter area and pick out about four FQs. I've not spent much more than $10, and I've fed my appetite for fabric. Of course, I'm supporting my LQS, too! (Local Quilt Shop, that is.) I should add, that I have a real weakness for fat quarter packs, which cost considerably more than $10, but I just can't resist them sometimes!!

My second back-up plan is to pick a fabric from each basic color (red, blue, green, yellow, neutral) and get a yard of each. Both back-up plans are great for stash enhancement and work great for a quilter who likes the scrappy look.

The one drawback to both my back-up plans is that when I later decide that I want to make a bigger project, I find that I didn't buy enough fabric to satisfy the project! *grrrrr*

I've been showing you pictures throughout this post of two of the fabrics I've run short of. I do not know where or when I bought them, and I'm sure they were just fat quarters. I expect I've had them for at least a year, but they could have been out awhile before I bought them.

The dark fabric is a curious one in that it sometimes looks black, but in cetain light, it can look both very dark blue or even green. Maybe black with a greenish cast. Whatever it is, I do wish I had a yard more of it! And, I want more of the gold, too. (The bottom pic makes the gold look yellow, but the truer tone is reflected in the top 2 pics.)

My question for you fabric aficionadoes (sp?) is what company sold these fabrics? And who are the designers? I am at a loss as to doing a search without this information, and of course, I do not have any selvage information to go on.

Well, whatever information anyone might be able to provide, I surely would appreciate it!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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