Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Has Arrived

As I turn my calendar to a new month, I'm thinking geesh! How is it possible that it's December already?

My goodness! And it's our last Lone Star Saturday, too!

Allow me to welcome you to the party. It's been quite a year of work on these challenging quilts. Some of us are ecstatic with our finishes, while others are dreading the necessity of making something out of a wonky mess.

That wonky mess would me mine, you know. I have not even touched my Broken Star in this past month, but I hereby declare that TODAY I WILL FACE THE MUSIC!!

But I am getting ahead of myself. First, I need to have you Lone Star participants sign in our Mr. Linky here. That way we all can see what everyone has been up to.


There, now. I can go on about my facing the music. Since October, I have had repair stitching to do on my quilt. I'd sewn the entire top together, but when I laid it out on the bed, no amount of careful tugging and spreading would make it lay flat. It had dimples. It had peaks and valleys. I've heard of quilters saying "It'll quilt out" but this was beyond that, even, in my opinion. So I am devoting today to attempting to fix those dimples, peaks and valleys.

A year ago, Quilt Sue and I exchanged comments about making Lone Star quilts or variations thereof, and before you knew it, we'd concocted this crazy notion of devoting the year to making one and inviting others to join in for a quilt along. While our numbers are small, our efforts have been valiant. It is inspiring to see the beautiful creations that have come out of this endeavor!

I have already "unsewn" the offending seams. I need to now spread it out on the bed again, pin the seams together, and restitch. Simple, one would think. I believe, however, that I will be running into further problems, and just haven't wanted to accept that reality.

Today, I will accept that reality. And I will share it all here, too.

Go visit my friend and co-hostess, Quilt Sue and see what she's been up to this past month. I've got some sewing to do. *grin*

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Where has this year gone? I'm just finishing my coffee, then I'll be there too, frantically adding borders to my Lone Star quilt. See you soon.

  2. I've finished mine! (It's now 8.30pm for me.)

  3. Not sure I'm worthy of adding to your Mr. Linky, as I didn't even touch my Lone Star today. I talked about it though...


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