Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Lone Star Progress

It's almost 10pm here (and it will be past 10 by the time I actually hit the "publish" key). I have had to overcome a severe case of denial and finally began to address the problems on my Broken Star quilt.

I spread it out as neatly as possible on the guest bed. It looks pretty good from a distance.

But I have already "unsewn" 7 of the 8 center star points. They were so badly done. I will resew them by hand.

I have 3 of them finished as of now, after all that denial I mentioned. I spread it out again, and the ones I've done look passable. Not perfect, but passable.

This is one of the fixed/resewn points. Once I press it, I think it will be just fine. Sorry for that shadow.

So, I have 4 more points that I need to address. I may or may not get them finished tonight, but I am planning to get them finished.

You see that list of 2012 Goals over to the right? I have met all my goals except this one quilt. So, yes, I will be finishing this bad boy. Not only do I have the Quilt Along to prod me along, I have the goals list to do it, too.

So, congratulations again to Quilt Sue! I applaud you for your efforts. You sure have a beautiful quilt for all that hard work! Great job!

Back to the needle.
Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. You made progress yesterday. You're about halfway done and it's looking really good. This is definitely going to be a 2012 finish for you, so you'll have met all of your quilting goals for the year.

  2. Beautiful! I love your colors, I would have a terrible time picking colors for a quilt like this. Denial... I hear you. Inner perfectionist and all.


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