Friday, December 7, 2012

Geese Galore

I've finally gotten back to my flying geese construction. I began them about 2 weeks ago, cut the corners off the first wing when I met with my Frankfort quilter friends, and have not touched them since.

I must confess - there is a reason. You see, my right foot is my sewing foot, and that is the side that my sciatic nerve is aggravating. And it is reeeaaallllyyyy aggravating me! I have been to a neurologist, have upcoming appointments with an MRI and a physical therapist, along with a veritable drug store of prescriptions. And I still hurt!! So, that hip, leg, ankle, foot aches even more when I ask it to press down on the foot pedal. (Don't mind if I do have some cheese with that "whine.")

So, like I said, I did get a bit of stitching done this evening. Here we have all these units in various stages of construction. I wanted to conduct a little experiment. On the stack there in front that is completed, I sewed 1/2 inch into the part that gets cut away so that I would have little, teeny-tiny half-square triangles already stitched together.

And it worked rather nicely, I do believe. I am very pleased with this little experiment. And I will definitely keep it up on the rest of those geese, and on any other geese in my future. If only I had thought of it on the first wing of all these geese. Oh well....

These HSTs will be saved and used on some as yet to be determined project. Let this be an item on my goals list for 2013.
Before getting upstairs to the sewing room, DH and I had dinner at the wonderful Mexican restuarant in Hillsboro, and followed that up with a trip to see Grandma. We just about always go to visit her on Friday evening. Next weekend, we will be celebrating a birthday!! Number - get this - 96!!!
I will be sure to get pictures.
Mexican food, Grandma visit, sewing some geese, and now blogging. I consider that a very satisfying Friday night. How did you spend your Friday night??
Happy quilting, Friends!


  1. We actually went out to dinner with friends. A real rare occurence, given their busy schedules we have been trying to nail down a visit with them all November.

  2. Sorry to hear your pain is still there. Hope they come up with some relief for you.

  3. I celebrated my DH birthday. He is 55 now! Tried with water gym? That saved my sciatic nerve!!!!!

  4. Beautiful geese. I love the fabric.

    Sorry your sciatic nerve is still playing up. I hope someone can sort it out soon for you.

  5. There are stretches out there that you can do to help relieve the pain, when you do them it burns, that is how you know it is working, and then when you stop the pain is gone. I know repetitive bending and sitting at any angle besides straight up aggravates it extremely. I now sew with my left foot because of it. Much better and I can sew for hours and hours, getting up every so minutes though. I have been dealing with it for almost 16 years now. For the most part it doesn't bother me anymore, now that I know what aggravates it.

  6. Hi Jayne, have you trid sewing with your left? It is what a physio therapist recommended to us. It helps keep your spine and hips in line so you're not twisting to one side. It also might take some pressure off your sciatic nerve? It takes a bit of getting used to, but I do feel more balanced sewing with my left foot. These are just ideas, I'm not a physio or doctor or anything myself.


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