Friday, December 14, 2012

Pressing Assembly Line

When you have lots of pressing to do, do you set up an assembly line of sorts to make quicker work of it? I find that I do. Here are a couple of photos of what I mean.

I place all the pieces that need to be pressed facing in the same direction, and the same direction that will be easiest for me to press with the iron in my left hand (I'm a lefty).

Then I press all along the bottom row, never lifting my iron off the ironing board. While the first piece is being pressed, my free hand (right) is gently opening the next piece to be pressed. I find that I am less likely to pull bias parts in this assembly line, and I have better pressing results. And, the best part...IT'S FASTER!!

I did those flying geese (previous post) in the same manner. Breezed right through them. The little HSTs above are the bonus blocks from those flying geese cut-away parts.

Do you have any time savers like this?

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Good idea, don't you wish we had little elves to help us with some of the odd jobs of quilting?

  2. Sometimes I don't snip mine after chain piecing and layout a string across the length of my ironing board, especially if I want to make sure they all get pressed the same direction.


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