Monday, December 3, 2012

Borders for My Bonus Quilt

All weekend long, my Kaffe Bonus Quilt has been draped over my cutting table in my sewing room. That way, every time I walked past the door, I got a glance at it.

Eye candy, you know?

So today, I figured I  might as well go ahead and get some borders on that pretty thing and just call it a finish.

That gave me a chance to dig though the massive Kaffe stash. I really need to straighten this tub - it's been dug through too many times and is really a mess right now.

Here's what I came up with for the first and second borders. I tried out several options before deciding  on this predominantly green inner border at 3 inches. Then I found the pink/purple/blue pastel for the middle border at 1.5 inches.

I have not made a decision on the outer border. I am thinking I want to go dark and dramatic, something like this coleus leaf, below, one of my favorite of the Westminster line.

But, I'm not sure, so I will continue to consider my options while I straighten up that tub. I also have an overflow tub that I can go to if I don't find what I want in this.

I hope to spend this week finishing up a lot of UFOs. I have that star quilt of red, black and white to finish. I want to machine quilt a wall hanging and a baby quilt. I have some table toppers that I can finish, and a t-shirt quilt to finish off.

And for the evenings, if I happen to find myself in front of the television, I have my Lone Star. Almost all of the star points have been restitched, and I am pleased with how this is working out! I certainly thought I would still find myself dissatisfied, but (cross your fingers!) so far, so good!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. A big Yeah! on the star points working out. Good luck on the rest of it. Those florals are just scrumptious, they really bring back summer .

  2. Decisions, decisions, decisions; sometimes that seems to be the harderst part of quilting.


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