Monday, December 17, 2012

More Hand Piecing

I continue to work on random 9-patch blocks using the leftover 2.5" squares from all those Great Grannie blocks I made back in August.

I even had some Kaffe squares left, if you can believe that. I used most of them in that last quilt I made, but here are a few remaining squares.

And, since I'd never tried a 16-patch before, I decided to give it a go with the last of the KF squares.

It was fun to make. I tried to make it random and haphazard, but I found myself still working to keep colors alternated. Well, somewhat. Now the question is -- what do I do with this?? I ought to be able to think of some way to use this block. Maybe as a decoration on a bag?

So, I've got a fair amount of Christmas stitching to finish up. And I have a fair amount of decorating left to do and Christmas shopping still to do! I tell ya - being sidelined by my sciatic has really impeded my productivity!!

I need to get in gear! Christmas is a-coming!!

Happy quilting, friends!

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